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Press Builders works one on one with each
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Press Builders aims to serve each of our clients only the highest quality of results by genuinely becoming engaged in our client’s vision and project goals. From the early stages of pre-construction through completion, our approach provides our clients with the high-quality results they anticipate while always considering their budget and schedule.



Press Builders is a construction management firm based in New York City. With extensive experience specializing in multifamily and commercial development,  we go beyond what is expected from a traditional GC/CM firm with our ability to understand the needs of the owners themselves, as well as our foresight into what factors could impact the project’s delivery. Regardless of the project type or scope, every client who works with Press Builders receives the same services and attention.



We’re proud to say that the team of professionals represent the very best in the construction industry. Their commitment to providing each of our clients with only the highest quality work and attention has directly contributed to our success.  From our Site Superintendents to Project Managers, each team member contributes a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout the many facets of the construction industry.

Midhat Serbagi continues to participate in every aspect of the project, offering his experienced leadership throughout the scope.



With over 2 million square feet of construction completed in the New York Metro area, Midhat Serbagi has used his experience in real estate building and development to create a company which provides the best service and value for its customers. Before he founded Press Builders, Serbagi worked directly with property owners serving as an executive that was able to understand and convey their overall desires and goals for each project. His skillset and portfolio have served as the foundation for Press Builder’s proficiencies in cost and quality control, logistical planning, budget estimation and overall development.

As a native New Yorker, Serbagi provides a refreshing level of passion and engagement on each Press Builders project. He continues to exceed client expectations, using his unique perspective to create the best result for each project.

Midhat Serbagi possesses a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as a Master’s in Real Estate from New York University. He also serves on the board of the Music Conservatory of Westchester, where they offer a variety of services including veteran and music therapy programs.

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